Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fighting Spam

Tired of getting those emails from places you've never heard of? One reason you may be getting these emails, AKA spam, is because you may have written your ACTUAL email address in a comment somewhere on line, or even on your own blog. Thing is, that there are computers that "crawl" the internet looking for the @ symbol and a .com or .net and when they find them, they know that they have found an email address to spam.
if you need to leave your email address in written form on a web page, then simply type it out in long form!! Like this: rachelzinbox-mail at yahoo dot com. Most people will know that the at and dot should be changed to actual punctuation. IF you want to have an easy access button for people email you easily with, you might try and create a free web based email form. Your email stays hidden from on line bots, and you use your regular email address to create your account. All mail is forwarded to that email by kontactr, and you are even given a nifty little button to put in place of an email link!! Good stuff, I'm telling you.

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