Monday, October 6, 2008

Enable EMAILS, People!!

If you use blogger, you need to read this. If you've ever commented, and wondered why people who use blogger don't reply to you... it's not because we are snobs. It's because we CAN'T. In blogger, when you want to be informed of comments made on your blog, there is a spot in your manage settings section to do that. If you need to view any of these photo closer, just click on them.
Go to SETTINGS, and then COMMENTS:

Then scroll down to the bottom of that page and put the email that you would like to receive emails at. Save.

So now, you've enabled emails when folks comment...
Blogger doesn't have that handy dandy email feature that just about every other blog host has. When you recieve those emails, you'll get them via NOREPLY. You won't be able to reply to them unless you can figure out where they blog, and sometimes, it's a bit awkward to reply to a comment WITHIN a comment!!
There is a solution to this!! IF you have blogger... go to your dashboard.

When you are in your profile, select the SHOW EMAIL option. This doensn't actually SHOW your email address on line. If you'd rather not have your primary email address be shared as a reply email when you leave a comment, you can change the address in the EMAIL ADDRESS box. This will make the address that "shows" (in other words is listed in your reply email and is inserted if people want to email you through your profile) the email of your choice. Save your changes.

NOW when you or anyone else views your profile, they will see a link to email you, and when you leave a comment, NO REPLY will be replaced with an email address!! This way the blogger whose blog you left that comment on will be able to REPLY to you!! No more blog tag back and forth!!


So YOU don't use blogger? YOU have a different platform for blogging!?!?
Then be sure to tell Blogger that when you leave your comment!! Choose OPEN ID and put your information into blogger's comment box. I won't be able to email you a reply, but I WILL be able to find your blog.

Your blog platform isn't listed in OPEN ID? Maybe you have your own website? Maybe...
You don't have ANYTHING...
Then choose NAME/URL.
Type in your website or blog address. If you don't have a blog or web site, leave that spot blank!!

Hope that you learned something, and that you are able to try making the changes you can to help other bloggers talk back when you talk to THEM! If you'd like to help spread the word about this, feel free to blog about what I have written, and link back to my post!! Here is a direct link back to this post for you.

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Hi Rachel
I have just been following this tutorial to enable emails, I would just like to say thank you your lesson was clear and easily understood.
It has worked. Many thanks.